Friday, 3 August 2012

Microsoft unveils Office 2013

This is Permute IT series where we keep you updated on the critical evolution of cloud computing.  Our top stories are:

Microsoft Corp unveiled a new version of its Office suite tailored for tablets and other touch screen devices, in the company’s largest-ever overhaul of the workplace software it relies on for much of its profit. The revamped Office, touted by Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer as the most ambitious version so far, takes advantage of cloud computing and is designed for use with the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

While information technology spending remains muted amid a challenging global macroeconomic environment, businesses' continued investment in cloud services remains a bright growth spot for major software companies. Earlier this month, technology research firm Gartner Inc. reported worldwide information technology spending is on pace to reach $3.6 trillion this year, a 3% increase from last year. Gartner reported there has been little change in business confidence and consumer sentiment in the past quarter and noted the short-term outlook calls for continued cautious IT spending.

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